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The Iraheta family Celebrating their youngest son's Birthday May, 2011

Thank you to everyone that is joining and liking the site for the Sarah's Joy Foundation. As all of you know Sarah was always full of life, love and warmth up until she lost her long painful battle to cancer. 

This foundation is my way of honoring her as best as I can. Thru this foundation, my vision is to create a way to help families and cancer patients enjoy their life as much as they can. 

Sarah in her last year did more traveling and activities then most people do in a life time. She went Jet skiing, parasailing, hiking, golfing, saw every beach on the east coast...the list goes on and on. 

She did all of this while being told she was too sick to even get out of bed. Too many families make their lives a hospital bed and four walls because of this illness and that, for Sarah was never an option. 

Through raising money I would like offer other families the same Joy that Sarah and I had before she passed. It is amazing what a day at a spa could do , or a roller coaster ride with your kids. 

Having Cancer does not mean death and people shouldn't mourn someone while they are alive. Enjoy life, love the summer breeze, the winters snow, the leaves in the fall or the flowers of spring. 

We will be organizing fundraisers of all kinds, shapes and sizes. Stay tuned, god bless and enjoy life.


Eric F. Iraheta, husband, President and Co-Founder
Sarah's Joy Foundation

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!          
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