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Breathing tip from our reader Jose Alejandro

Got a helpful fact for you from our reader and supporter, Jose Alejandro Jr., He says, whenever you are working out or are out of breath it is important to breath with your stomach i.e diaphragm. Most people including myself usually just suck in air in a panic hoping to steady their heart rate. 
When you do that you are only using half of your lung capacity because you are actually squeezing your lungs restricting you air intake. Most times you are breathing with your chest minimizing effective air exchange.

Take ownership of your health-Comment!

We received this comment from Christina Axiotakis and we felt it warranted repeating here. I hope you all heed Christina's advice and get your "squeeze" on!

Christina" Axiotakis on 9/21/2012 10:24 AM
I could not agree more!!! As a Mammographer for 18 years, a woman and granddaughter to a breast cancer survivor when there were no mammograms,I've seen and heard plenty to know that you MUST BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE!!! 

The government should not be dictating when you should have a mammogram, self breast exam or physician breast exam.
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