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A small tidbit of what our Foundation has been doing!
Fundraising events
Celebrating the life of an Amazing woman!
Being Bitter or better!
The journey begins!


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My Blog

A small tidbit of what our Foundation has been doing!

At times when organizations ask for donations, we don't always get to see where 
our donated dollars go. We at the Sarah's Joy Foundation, just wanted to share 
a bit of some of the joy and happiness your dollars have brought throughout the past year. These photos speak for themselves as the Sarah's Joy Foundation was able to bring last minute joy to these 7 small children who would have otherwise woken up on 
Christmas morning with no gifts from Santa. One family of four kids from NJ 

Fundraising events

Sarah's Joy Memorial fundraising dinner March 16 2013
Sarah's Joy Memorial fundraising dinner March 16 2013
Darlene Louf, newly appointed Queen Ambassador for the Sarah's Joy Foundation, Eric Iraheta, President, Charlie Alejandro, VP Promotions and Media
Sarah's Joy Foundation board awards grant.
From left to right Brendan Brady from SureFire Music, foundation sponsor, Mel Alejandro, foundation treasurer, Charlie Alejandro, VP, of Promotions and Media, grant recipient, April Briggs-Gee and her daughter, Eric Iraheta, foundation president, and Lenny Lindsey, board member. Awarded 2000.00 grant to help Ms Briggs-Gee. Ms Briggs-Gee was being harrassed by bill collectors after the death of her mother from Cancer.
Sarah's Joy Foundation board awards grant.

Celebrating the life of an Amazing woman!

As we all know March 16th will mark the 1 year anniversary of when my beautiful Sarah 
passed on to a better place. 
I would really love to have a pot luck get together in her honor.
 All friends and family are welcomed. This event will help raise money towards the 
Sarah's Joy Foundation. $10.00 would be an appreciated donation. 
We will also have raffles and a open mic for people if you would like to share moments 
you had with Sarah. 
She is loved and dearly missed.

Being Bitter or better!

Since nothing you receive makes you happy, you will go back to having nothing at all!)     
                     The old man and the Fish   

Rose blooming December 18, 2012 in PA.

 It seems everyone feels the need to make New Year resolutions that we all know very rarely get followed through to fruition.

We all want deep down inside to be more productive, more successful, healthier, richer etc., but ultimately our humanness gets in the way and we fall short of our deepest desires.

The journey begins!

Our official non profit status paperwork is on its way and we should have it by Tuesday! With that said we will be announcing our first official fundraiser in a bit!! So hope you all are as excited as we are to take this next step on this journey to honor Sarah's memory and to make sure that her belief that something good and everlasting would come out of her struggle with this illness, becomes a reality! Also if any one of her friends would be interested in being an admin on the Sarah's Joy Foundation fan page please let us know, as we need all the help we can, to spread the word!

Breathing tip from our reader Jose Alejandro

Got a helpful fact for you from our reader and supporter, Jose Alejandro Jr., He says, whenever you are working out or are out of breath it is important to breath with your stomach i.e diaphragm. Most people including myself usually just suck in air in a panic hoping to steady their heart rate. 
When you do that you are only using half of your lung capacity because you are actually squeezing your lungs restricting you air intake. Most times you are breathing with your chest minimizing effective air exchange.

Take ownership of your health-Comment!

We received this comment from Christina Axiotakis and we felt it warranted repeating here. I hope you all heed Christina's advice and get your "squeeze" on!

Christina" Axiotakis on 9/21/2012 10:24 AM
I could not agree more!!! As a Mammographer for 18 years, a woman and granddaughter to a breast cancer survivor when there were no mammograms,I've seen and heard plenty to know that you MUST BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE!!! 

The government should not be dictating when you should have a mammogram, self breast exam or physician breast exam.

Take ownership of your health!

Ladies and gentlemen, yes you guys too!! make sure you do a breast self exam every month!! The biggest misconception is that Breast Cancer is a "women's" disease. Breast Cancer is an equal opportunity stalker!
If you find ANYTHING that seems off, make an appointment to be seen by a doctor as soon as possible and insist on a mammogram! 
As the saying goes, it is better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it.
Breast Cancer can spread quickly but, has a greater chance of being curable if it is diagnosed in the early stages.

Its the little things we miss the most!

When you lose a loved one to a disease everyone thinks of the bigger picture, as far as that loss is concerned. We thing of the loss of a second income, the handling of daily chores, paying the bills, food shopping, doctors appointments, car pooling kids etc. while in reality these are a big part of the loss, I've noticed its the little things that are missed the most. 
When my daughter-in-law Sarah passed away in March, I had a calendar on my home office desk. Four months later when I was packing my house to put everything in storage, so I could move to another state to help my son out with the kids, I noticed my calendar.

So we begin..

Thank you...
                to everyone that is joining and liking the site for the Sarah's Joy Foundation. As all of you know Sarah was always full of life, love and warmth up until she lost her long painful battle to cancer. This foundation is my way of honoring her as best as I can. Thru this foundation, my vision is to create a way to help families and cancer patients enjoy their life as much as they can. Sarah in her last year did more traveling and activities then most people do in a life time. She went Jet skiing, parasailing, hiking, golfing, saw every beach on the east coast...the list goes on and on. She did all of this while being told she was too sick to even get out of bed. Too many families make their lives a hospital bed and four walls because of this illness and that, for Sarah was never an option. Through raising money I would like offer other families the same Joy that Sarah and I had before she passed. It is amazing what a day at a spa could do , or a roller coaster ride with your kids. Having Cancer does not mean death and people shouldn't mourn someone while they are alive. enjoy life, love the summer breeze, the winters snow, the leaves in the fall or the flowers of Spring. I will be organizing fundraisers of all kinds, shapes and sizes. Stay tuned, god bless and enjoy life.
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