Sarah's Joy Foundation - Mission Statement
Sarah's Joy Foundation - Sharing Sarah's Joy with the world, person at a time!

Mission Statement

Sarah's Joy Foundation creates ways to help families and cancer patients enjoy their lives as fully as they can.  

The Sarah's Joy Foundation was started in memory of Sarah Joy Iraheta, who lost her battle to Breast Cancer at age 32, leaving behind her two young sons and her husband Eric.
Sarah's Joy provides emotional and day-to-day support to assist caregivers and patients live each day fully.  
Whether's it's a few hours away for the caregiver or a day trip for the patient and family members--Sarah's Joy is here to help."

Special thanks to Business instructor Maureen Chisholm, professor from Quincy College and Elaine Sincavage for making our small non-profit their class project and coming up with this amazing mission statement!
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