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Todd Oswald one of a Kind Painting online Auction now live!

So as most of the people that were at the Memorial Dinner on Saturday might know I, Charlie Alejandro, won this fabulous Todd Oswald one of a kind Painting, which I donated to the Sarah's Joy Foundation to be auctioned off online! These picture do not do it justice! The Painting is approx. 4 feet by 4 feet and is simply stunning!! 

So here it is the auction for the painting will be  live on line on our website with a starting bid of 250.00. The auction will remain live until March 31, 2014. So get your bids in!!! To make a bid just enter your name and bid amount in the section provided in between the photos of the painting

Once the winner is announced payment is expected within 24hrs via paypal. If payment is not made within the allotted time, then the painting will go back on the auction block! Thanks everyone and good luck!!!!

Bid on Todd Oswald Painting
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